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Is there any cheese down this rat hole?
Albert Yu, Intel Microprocessor General Manager/VP, 1988

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, I found I was "speaking gibberish" to a bunch of "sand heads" (i.e. silicon design folk) who didn't have a clue about software[1].  Their knowledge domain was rich in guard bands, circuit delays, clock skew, and the like but had zero insight into issues of s/w development, s/w compatibility testing, or system regression testing.

Based on the role model of an Intel Fellow, Fred Pollack, I started adding a weekly commentary to my Research Lab, CEL, status report and also posted it on the site I had set up, as an education for my folk, on that new-fangled internal "internet" thing.  This, of course, long predates Wordpress and the like.  I actually used the Netscape 1.0 html editor to generate the html.

The purpose of these commentaries is to capture and articulate thoughts, ideas, and insights from the literature, personal interactions, discussions, etc on business, technological, and organizational issues that were not understood, known, or even on the radar screen of many of my associates[2].  I tried to educate, give broader perspective, and explore the business implications.  An especially fertile area for exposition was, since this will silicon centric Intel, that nemesis of the world: software, although organizational leadership, strategic vision, and plain ole bureaucratic cluelessness/CYA were in there.

Remember: behaviors you reward, you will see more of - so if these commentaries give you insight, ideas, knowledge[3] or even plain old entertainment, be sure to "pay the piper" to encourage more.

Books and Talks

I am working on writing several books and might be conjoiled to give a talk on them.
My current projects include:

  1. How to !!FAIL!! at riding STP
    Seattle to Portland Bicycle Event - 200 miles in one day. Although I have successfully ridden it twice, I've also failed a number of times.  I suspect I've done just about everything wrong a person can and I'm frustrated that no one handed me this book when I was starting out. 
  2. The Game is Rigged
    It is hard for women to compete in business if the playing field is tilted.
    This is an analysis and summary of those aspects of the "game of life" where the rules are rigged.  The problem cause many, especially women, to not be as successful as they should be.

Why Mocha Express?

Creating and publishing a commentary every week had a number of very useful attributes:

  1. it required me to clarify my thinking and be concise in my articulation taking into account the background and knowledge set of the readers.
  2. it captured and focused the information I had gathered to allow both later reference and also cross connection of ideas
  3. the publication forced a discipline to "get it done"/"not over analyzed" and degree of polish to allow to follow what I was thinking rather than a "summer vacation" style.

When I went to publish (in CEL's status report) the very short "first commentary", I needed a name for it.  I generated a silly, coffee related title, long gone, and moved on to the week's work.

The following week, I had the same problem.  I looked at my home work area and there, sitting next to the keyboard, having been a driver of the commentary, was my big mug of home made mocha-lattie.

Since the mocha latte, coupled with a self-imposed deadline of 10am, had caused me to "express" the commentary, I headlined my commentary: Mocha Express.  Checking at the only domain registrar at the time, Network Solutions, I found it was available, so I got it and the rest is history.


For insight into my background, go to LinkedIn or
If you can't find anything, then you might want to read (and reward) more of the commentaries to get more clever about this new fangled "Internet" thingie.

For some idea of areas I might explore, the keywords would be:

  • Carnegie-Mellon University, PDP 8/10/11, IBM360/65(MVT)&67(Dat channel), C.mmp, Hydra, s/w engineering, Intel 8800/432/Gemini, Xenix, Microsoft, Unix, program management, technology manager, S/W Operations, Microprocessor Research at Universities, farming, sheep raising, canoe poling, kayaking, bicycling, hiking, skiing, CEL, architecture labs,  PAWS - Personal Assistant Wireless Services, Coalition against Drug Crime, Barlow Trail Association, Sandy Ridge Mtn biking, Generic CAD 6.0, AutoCad, Dreamweaver, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, Algol, Fortran, C, Ada, Simula 67, Trek, Shimano,...

Remember: if you value behaviors or actions, then be sure to "pay the piper".
Behaviors you reward, you are likely to see more of.


1. Communication, Miscommunication, and Speaking Gibberish
2. Orders of Ignorance
3. Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

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